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Vahallan’s Awash Collection Reflects Dimensions of Color

May 5, 2023

If you’ve walked along a river bed and experienced nature’s wonderment of water washing over rocks, sand, and soil, you’ve observed lines that the water creates as it moves across an area. There is a definite deconstruction in the depth of color from one space to the next. Much like this occurring process, so is what our artists do when we design our newest collection called Awash. 

Owner Dan Nelson first created a version of Awash a few years ago. He took three or four different colors of paint and blended them together and then cascaded water over it to create striae, a slight ridge or groove on the surface. Through this process, our Vahallan artists are able to replicate parallel lines but make them longer. While very different, interior designers say the Awash collection evokes a similar look to our top-selling Traccia collection.

Experience the Movement of the Awash Collection

The word “awash” is defined as “being covered or flooded with water, especially seawater or rain. The process of water washing over the paints similar to water flowing over rocks, a reef, or an entrance to a cave became the thought behind this colorway or pattern. 

There are five colorways in the Awash collection, all named for its relationship to caves and flowing water.

Cavern (opening in a cave usually created by flowing water)

Gallatin (a tributary of the Missouri River located in Montana/Wyoming)

Gondolin (means hidden rock)

Meramec (caverns in Missouri)

Theopetra (cave in Greece)

Each colorway represents the specific colors that are shown. There will be slight variations with every order, but that is what makes Awash very unique and beautiful.

The pattern is available in rectangle and square tiles of varying sizes. Custom colors, tile sizes, and panel lengths may be available upon request.

Our wall coverings are individually hand painted, never mass-produced, which adds to the uniqueness and beauty of each collection. We’ve been trail blazers in custom-designed wall coverings for 25 years. Our papers can be found in homes and corporate offices all around the world. Those who work with Vahallan know that we are creating breathtaking wall coverings that no one else has!

Ordering Vahallan Wall Coverings

Vahallan, located in Lincoln, Nebraska, has sales representatives throughout the United States and around the world who work directly with showrooms and interior designers.

As artists, we continue to tell the Vahallan story through our paper every day. We invite you to continue that story with us in the spaces you design. 

Contact us to find out how to order our wallcoverings.

Shipping fees may apply to some sample orders.


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