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The Kapica Collection: Stylish & Serene

Dec 2nd, 2022

Introducing the Kapica Collection

When our artists set out to design a collection, the process begins with an idea. Often, that idea morphs into something slightly different as paint is applied to the paper and the artist begins to move their hands in a rhythmic manner set to the music playing in their mind. That’s the beauty of Vahallan wall coverings – the uniqueness and creativity that tells a wonderful story as it becomes the fabric of each home or office.

One of our newest collections is Kapica. The delicate striated lines of Kapica are interrupted by the bending of a crescent, creating an effect that is at once strident and soft.

The Kapica collection features color-saturated, monochromatic bases and patterns that offer the comfort of gracefully repetitive arcs and semicircles. Bold yet classic, its subtly offset textures and colors provide this luxury wallcovering a steadiness and elegance to any space.

When the panels hang side-by-side, the Kapica collection appears to create an illusion of elegant steps leading your eyes upward – serene, yet so beautiful. The pattern is designed to match panel to panel which adds to the allure of this collection.

Making the Kapica Pattern

Our team of artists at Vahallan are driven by their commitment to excellence that has been pressed by hand into Vahallan products, from the first tile or panel to the last, all made in the United States. We’re about creating a stunning and uniquely elegant look that demonstrates the passion and artistry that goes into creating our luxury wall coverings.

Our artists spend hours making the Kapica pattern because the process requires meticulous steps to create the luxurious look of the pattern. Each step of the design process must dry before the next one can be started. It’s a labor of love by the artists, and that love is felt by those who invite Kapica to reside in their homes or businesses. There are four colorways for Kapica, each one selected with our customers in mind.





As with any hand-painted artwork, Vahallan wall coverings are never mass-produced, which adds to the uniqueness and beauty of each collection.Because our patterns are all hand-painted and not printed, you may notice variations from one artist to another from time to time.We like to think that we’ve been trail blazers in custom designed wall coverings that can be found in homes and corporate offices all around the world. We’re a cut above and those who work with Vahallan know that we are installing breathtaking wall artistry that no one else has!

We find that our wall coverings can mask most imperfections that exist on walls.

How to Order Vahallan Wall Coverings

Vahallan in Lincoln, Nebraska, has sales representatives located throughout the United States and around the world who work directly with showrooms and interior designers. To view our collections and find a sales representative in your area, go to our Trades page. When ordering a pattern for an installation, always order enough panels or tiles so you don’t run short.

As artists, we continue to tell the Vahallan story through our paper every day. We invite you to continue that story with us in the spaces you design.

We’re ready to stoke the fires of your creative energy and make your spaces come alive! 

Shipping fees may apply to some sample orders.


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