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Madrid Collection

March 9th, 2023

Welcome to Madrid!

Soft, geometric folds and delicate touches of water give the Madrid collection its sense of story and style. Like the fabled ceramic tiles that dance along its namesake city, Madrid’s square pattern is endlessly repeatable and full of character. Once again, Vahallan in Lincoln, Nebraska has mastered the art of design by capturing a warmth that transcends the walls in any space.

The Artist’s Inspiration

If you know anything about our hand-painted collections from Vahallan, the creativity and visionary designs come from our artists. And that’s why Kris, one of our Vahallan artists, decided to aptly name our Madrid collection after the city where he once lived. Best known for its historic buildings, museums of Renaissance, and unique neighborhoods, Madrid, Spain, is a city of joy and life. With the Madrid collection, Kris was inspired by his surroundings – centuries-old architecture including Moorish tiles – and their symmetry concept.

This complex colorway for the Madrid collection comes from the idea of an origami-style base. Each panel is meticulously folded over and over until it is the size of a small square, which takes about an hour to complete. Once it is the right size, it is then pressed using a weight or clamp for 12 to 16 hours to set the folds that eventually create the diamond-shaped pattern. One 100 square foot wall using four panels could take four hours to make the Madrid pattern; a room may take four times as long. When ready, the process moves to painting and glazing, with each coat pooling into the creases to give it a modern yet unique design for any wall. While it takes hours to create this pattern, we believe you will find every minute was worth it!

The Madrid collection comes in the following patterns:






The Madrid collection comes in panels. Because the paper is hand folded, there may be some minor variation in lining up the design from panel to panel. The warmer metallic tones give an illusion of old tin to give your space a rustic feel.

We use custom colors to create our one-of-a-kind papers. We find that our wall coverings can mask most imperfections that exist on walls.e has!

Hand-painted Art for Your Wall

Vahallan papers are hand-painted like a canvas of art which will create a variation in color and texture from panel to panel, and seams will be visible. The variation and seams are intended to be part of the overall design in the space. When you work with us, you know that we are installing breathtaking wall artistry that no one else has!

As with any hand-painted artwork, Vahallan wall coverings are never mass-produced which adds to the uniqueness and beauty of each collection. As one of the industry’s leaders in custom-designed wall coverings, you will never find the exact same wall covering in homes and offices around the world.

How to Order Wall Coverings

Vahallan in Lincoln, Nebraska, has sales representatives located throughout the United States and around the world who work directly with showrooms and interior designers. To view our collections and find a sales representative in your area, go to our Trades page.

Because our patterns are all hand-painted and not printed, when ordering a pattern for an installation we suggest always ordering enough panels so you don’t run short.

As artists, we continue to tell the Vahallan story through our papers every day. We invite you to continue that story with us in the spaces you design. We help you burst through the monotony and take you to the next level of creative energy where your spaces come alive!

Contact us to find out how to order our wallcoverings.

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