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Announcing – Sakkara

November 11th, 2022

Sakkara: One of Vahallan’s Newest Collections of Luxury Wall Coverings 

Named for the legendary resting place of Egyptian royalty for millennia, our new Sakkara Collection carries the warmth and mystery of that storied desert. Organic, stony lines spread across the earthy surface of this paper, lends a sense of history and sophistication to any space.

Our team of artists at Vahallan is driven by their commitment to excellence that has been pressed by hand into Vahallan products, from the first tile or panel to the last, all made in the United States. We’re about creating a stunning and uniquely elegant look that demonstrates the passion and artistry that goes into creating our luxury wall coverings.

The Artistry of Sakkara

Vahallan is known worldwide for pushing the artistic envelope when it comes to designing gorgeous, one-of-a-kind wall coverings. 

The Sakkara Collection presents a jagged surface with a concrete underlay that may seem to contradict this marriage of textures. However, that is far from the breathtaking beauty you’ll find once applied to a wall. Two distinct opposites work together to evoke the hypnotic complexity of a fissured desertscape in this modern-textured wall covering designed and hand-painted by our artisans. The Sakkara Collection is sure to be a conversation starter in your home or office.

Our Sakkara Collection offers clients nine uniquely different patterns, or colorways as we like to call them, that create a three-dimensional art design to cover any physical space. The geological qualities of the desert and Egyptian rock provided our inspiration. You’ll find rich, bold colorways that vary in both color and texture, part of the signature Vahallan design. From the earthy hues of grays, tans, and browns, to the gold, sunkissed sands, and the night’s deep blue sky, Sakkara patterns come in tiles and in matte and metallic finishes.


Metallic Finish


Matte Finish


Matte Finish


Metallic Finish


Metallic Finish


Matte Finish


Matte Finish


Metallic Finish


Matte Finish

Vahallan uses custom colors on all of our products. With our hand-painted wall art, you’ll find our wall coverings are truly one-of-a-kind in every possible way. 

We find that our wall coverings can mask most imperfections that exist on walls.

A Cut Above

The Sakkara Collection is a hit in our showrooms and among designers who have seen it, making it one of our favorites. Sakkara wall coverings come in pre-cut tiles, including various sizes of rectangles and squares. With our tiled items, there may be variations in color and texture from piece to piece, and seams will be visible. The variation and seams are intended to be part of the overall design in the space!

As with any hand-painted artwork, Vahallan wall coverings are never mass-produced which adds to the uniqueness and beauty of each collection. We like to think that we’ve been trailblazers in custom-designed wall coverings that can be found in homes and corporate offices all around the world. We’re a cut above and those who work with Vahallan know that we are installing breathtaking wall artistry that no one else has!


  • November 2022 – Leone Collection
  • December 2022 – Kapica Collection
  • January 2023 – Avondale Collection

How to order wall coverings

Vahallan in Lincoln, Nebraska, has sales representatives located throughout the United States and around the world who work directly with showrooms and interior designers. 

View our collections and find a sales representative in your area. Because our patterns are all hand-painted and not printed, you may notice variations from one artist to another from time to time. When ordering a pattern for an installation, always order enough panels or tiles so you don’t run short.

As artists, we continue to tell the Vahallan story through our papers every day. We invite you to continue that story with us in the spaces you design.

We’re ready to stoke the fires of your creative energy and make your spaces come alive!

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