Mural #5 - Vahallan

240″ x 120″

Mural #5

Boldly transform your space with a Vahallan custom mural. This exciting line of Vahallan’s luxury wall coverings is a series of one-of-a-kind artworks, hand-painted and signed by our talented studio artists. You can customize one of our existing designs to suit your next project.

Or, you can design your own mural. That’s right, for a truly individual look, Vahallan will take conceptual ideas directly from our inspired design clients. We’ll work together to create a totally original mural for your special space. Customize each mural to your desired color combination, composition, and motif. We are thrilled to offer this level of creative collaboration and this quality of expression in our products.

Please contact or call (402) 421-3311 for inquiries.

Available Sizes: 60" width, 60" usable; up to 12' in height

Format: Panels

Installation: Panels hung vertically, butt-seam panels

Fire Rating: ASTM Class A

Pattern Orientation: Pattern Match

• Wide variety of patterns, textures, and colors.
• Durable and lasting products.
• Custom colors and styles available.
• Masks minor wall imperfections.
• Unique applications from panels to blocks.

All shipments are sent via UPS Ground unless otherwise specified. Production time will vary based on order quantity, material availability, and current order volume. Please ask to see what our current lead time is before placing your order.

For orders and product inquiries, please email us at or call us directly at 402-421-3311 Start by setting up an account with us. Next, provide product information:

  • Pattern name and lot number
  • Number of panels including length, or number and size of tiles*
  • Choice of pattern orientation
  • Residential or commercial project

Vahallan has a minimum order of 100 square feet – orders less than this will include an additional charge. Please include recommended overages:

  • Panels: add 4 inches to wall height, round up to nearest foot – panels suld in 1’ increments
  • Tiles: number of tiles needed to complete project, plus several extra for install mishaps
  • Torn: 40-50% extra square feet

The specialized techniques used to hand-craft this wall-covering give each of our papers their own unique beauty. Slight differences are to be expected from panel to panel, or block to block, and should not be considered a defect. Seams are likely to be visible.

*We cannot quote based on square footage alone. Please have your installer determine how many pieces and of what size you need before requesting a quote.

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