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Collection: Avondale

This collection’s inspiration is the woodlands of the British Isles — specifically, Ireland. Delicate lines move across panels to give an airy sense of branches set against a limitless sky. With patterns painted in earthy, elegant color, Avondale is ready to lend tranquility and character to any space.

Available in Full Panels: 30" width untrimmed, 28" recommended usable, up to 15' in length

Format: Panels

Installation:Panels to be hung vertically, double-cut or trim on site

Fire Rating: ASTM Class A

Pattern Orientation: Pattern C only

How to Install Avondale:

• Wide variety of patterns, textures, and colors.
• Durable and lasting products.
• Custom colors and styles available.
• Masks minor wall imperfections.
• Unique applications from panels to blocks.

All shipments are sent via UPS Ground unless otherwise specified. For standard orders, please allow approximately 4-6 weeks from the time your order is placed until delivery. Please call for details on rush orders.

For orders and product inquiries, please visit or call us directly at 402-421-3311. To place your order, start by setting up an account with us. Next, provide project information; number of panels including length or number and size of tiles; pattern name; choice of application style; and lot number. Vahallan has a minimum order of 100 square feet, for orders less than that an upcharge will be applied.

Know pattern name, lot number, how many panels you need, length of panels

*Residential or Commercial
*Add recommended overages

OVERAGES - Panels: Add 4 inches to length
Tiles: 30-40% Torn: 40-50%

Due to the hand-painted nature of our
wall coverings, seams will likely be visible

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