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Known for experimenting with natural elements, Vahallan continues to push the envelope with its Needles collection. One of the most unique aspects about the Needles collection is the recycling of found pine needles that are then incorporated into the process of making this pattern. It transforms any space and leaves you feeling one with the outdoors.

The Needles Collection comes by its name honestly: the artful layering of evergreen needles forms the base of this completely singular paper. The use of these organic, linear shapes creates a pattern that is one-of-a-kind and brings the peace of the forest indoors.

Inspired by Nature

The inspiration for the Needles Collection came from Dan Nelson, founder and owner of Vahallan. Dan found that during the fall, his friends and family members would gather and throw away pine needles from their yards. In an effort to recycle the debris, he was given the pine needles to experiment with. Fascinated by the idea of using one of nature’s occurring processes, and not one for waste, Dan began collecting the pine needles in the hopes that he could create a spectacular wall covering. And spectacular is one magical way to describe the Needles collection. Today, Vahallan is able to purchase discarded pine needles in bulk for the production of this collection.

A pine is any conifer tree or shrub in the genus Pinus of the family Pinaceae. Evergreen cone-shaped trees, growing needle- or scale-like leaves are called conifers. There are over 600 extant species of conifers, which are categorized into different groups depending on their foliage shape and needle type. Ponderosa Gold, one of the Needles colorways, is native across much of the western U.S. and reaches eastward into western Nebraska. It is a fairly fast-growing tree and has been a popular choice across the state for windbreaks and general landscape use.

The Needles collection comes in the following patterns:







Ponderosa Gold

We use custom colors to create our one-of-a-kind papers. We find that our wall coverings can mask most imperfections that exist on walls.

The Needles collection comes in tiles. Each tile creates its own unique visual, allowing the elements to shine through like a distressed mirror to produce natural, eye-catching beauty in your space.

Hand-painted Art for Your Wall

Vahallan papers are hand-painted like a canvas of art which will create a variation in color and texture from panel to panel, and seams will be visible. The variation and seams are intended to be part of the overall design in the space. When you work with us, you know that we are installing breathtaking wall artistry that no one else has!

As with any hand-painted artwork, Vahallan wall coverings are never mass-produced which adds to the uniqueness and beauty of each collection. As one of the industry’s leaders in custom-designed wall coverings, you will never find the exact same wall covering in homes and offices around the world.

How to Order Wall Coverings

Vahallan in Lincoln, Nebraska, has sales representatives located throughout the United States and around the world who work directly with showrooms and interior designers. To view our collections and find a sales representative in your area, go to Because our patterns are all hand-painted and not printed, when ordering a pattern for an installation we suggest always ordering enough panels so you don’t run short.

As artists, we continue to tell the Vahallan story through our papers every day. We invite you to continue that story with us in the spaces you design. We help you burst through the monotony and take you to the next level of creative energy where your spaces come alive!

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