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The Matriz Collection

Vahallan’s artists are known for designing beautiful wall coverings that draw you in, challenge your creative mind, and transform spaces. That is why it was no surprise to us when our latest collection, Matriz, evolved from artist Courtney’s doodling!

Courtney was asked to create a mural for an upcoming trade show where Vahallan would be an exhibitor. Murals are painted or applied directly on a wall or ceiling. Courtney began doodling crayons, stacking them together in ways she found aesthetically pleasing and interesting. She took that concept of different colored crayons lined up in a row to create the mural, focusing on the cool tones of blues, purples, and greens. She added a horizontal leaf element juxtaposed to the linear vertical lines of the crayons. The response at the trade show was overwhelmingly positive, so much so that Vahallan decided to create a new collection based on the mural – and thus, Matriz was born.

The Concept Behind the Matriz Collection

Matriz is a Spanish word for Matrix. The definition of matrix is a set of numbers arranged in rows and columns so as to form a rectangular array. A mathematical quality with the artist’s design. Math, art, and music always work together to bring about a harmonious effect.

In the Matriz collection, we have taken mathematical terms to identify the five colorways.


Cero (zero)


Columna (column)


Cuadrada (square)


Fila (row)

Rectangulo (rectangle)

Each colorway represents the specific colors that are shown in the sample piece. There will be slight variations with every order. That’s the beauty of Matriz – you get a custom piece every time!

Matriz is ordered as a mural-styled paper. What that means is that the size of the lines will be approximately the same per order; however, the number of lines will change depending on the size of the wall or ceiling space. The pattern has a panel match of 30 inches wide, 30 inches usable, so no trimming is intended, but could be done if needed. Every panel is numbered on the back to match up to the next panel that creates a singular design. Generally, the panels are hung vertically, but could also be hung horizontally.

Our wall coverings are individually hand painted, never mass-produced, which adds to the uniqueness and beauty of each collection. We’ve been trail blazers in custom-designed wall coverings for 25 years. Our papers can be found in homes and corporate offices all around the world. Those who work with Vahallan know that we are creating breathtaking wall coverings that no one else has!

Ordering Vahallan Wall Coverings

Vahallan in Lincoln, Nebraska, has sales representatives located throughout the United States and around the world who work directly with showrooms and interior designers. To view our collections and find a sales representative in your area, go to

As artists, we continue to tell the Vahallan story through our paper every day. We invite you to continue that story with us in the spaces you design.

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