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From the very beginning, VAHALLAN has always taken into consideration the impact it could have, as well as prevent on our environment.  We firmly believe that it is not only a company’s products but also their actions that lend them to green standards.  VAHALLAN manufactures hand painted wall coverings and our product presents the following environmental components:

  • No PVC or vinyl components which are present in other traditional wall papers.
  • No toxic or harmful inks.
  • No high VOC content present on our products.
  • The only machinery that requires additional electricity is our sample cutters  (No machines produce any of our products).
  • We use Kraft papers (no vinyl, no fiberglass).
  • Our Classic paper can be made with 100% recycled paper upon request.
  • The paper mills we use as vendors replant what they harvest.
  • We use our “cut off” and scrap pieces from orders as packaging materials.

All of us here at VAHALLAN consider our planet and our environment to be one of the best assets common to all communities around the world.

It is a beautiful and fragile component to everyone’s lives that deserves any and all efforts individuals, as well as companies can provide.  Every conscious effort, whether big or small, can have a positive impact on our home.